Beachfront Property Investments: Your Permanent Staycation for Your Work From Home Arrangement

Beachfront Property Investments: Your Permanent Staycation for Your Work From Home Arrangement

The events of 2020 have forced many of us to stay mostly indoors and carry on with our daily tasks and activities online from the safety of our homes. Yet while many have managed to convert unused rooms into home offices, the pandemic seems to have ushered in a more long-term arrangement especially when it comes to working from home. And after spending more than a year into the WFH scheme, oftentimes a change of pace and scenery is essential to maintain one’s mental well-being. If you’re looking for your next property investment, why not consider a permanent staycation that lets you work from home with ease?


The emergence of new working preferences will likely shape workplace habits moving forward. With WFH being the new normal, city dwellers will be looking to move somewhere that can not only accommodate a full home office setup but can easily provide a balance of relaxation and respite. 


With flexible working schemes likely here for the long haul, why not make the most of the new normal changes and turn your WFH arrangement into a permanent staycation? The thought of being able to take a dip in the sea or frolic on the beach right after a string of meetings can definitely be appealing to the high-powered individual who now has the ability to control their schedule and lifestyle.


Not all properties can offer the opportunity to strike a work-life balance and live life to the fullest while staying productive. Looking for your next property investment? Channel your efforts into finding your future home that can make room for both work and play.


WFH after a year

After spending over a year in quarantine, any doubt over the effectiveness of the WFH system may have been quelled at this point––with various experiences and figures proving that a remote scheme can be successful and sustained.


Emerging workplace trends and preferences will also likely shape new company cultures as we move forward. A 2021 study by Ernst & Young on the reimagined workplace shows that most workers in Southeast Asia preferred not to return to pre-COVID-19 ways of working, which would likely entail a return to the office. 32% said that they preferred to work anywhere, while 6 in 10 people said that they would quit their jobs if companies didn’t provide flexible arrangements.


Thus, highly productive individuals looking to invest in new properties for their vacation home will not only look for prime real estate for leisure, but also a location that allows them to pursue work freely.

Embracing a remote working lifestyle

Delegating a proper workstation or home office has truly helped facilitate productivity over the past year. But to fully embrace the work-from-home lifestyle, it will take more than a fully appointed desk to maintain one’s sanity while being surrounded by the stress of work.


For those individuals who wish to commit to a remote working lifestyle and work towards a more equitable work-life balance, a home needs to be able to strike the balance between being conducive for work while presenting itself as an escape—making the prospect of investing in a vacation home even more attractive.


A day in the life of a remotely working individual consists of a few hours of uninterrupted work, while saving enough time to escape to the beach.


Living life on the beach

If you’re keen on moving homes quickly, a beachfront property is an ideal location to move amidst the new normal, rather than staying confined at home. If the idea of moving to the beach for the long term feels daunting, Aruga Resort Residences – Mactan lets you enjoy the pleasures of a leisure property and the comforts of the city in balance: providing the benefits of a beachfront vacation while maintaining urban conveniences with its world-class amenities.


Numbers that make it a good property investment 

Ultimately, investing in real estate means location is still king—is it in close proximity to world-class amenities, green spaces, and scenic views? These qualities set certain residential-resort developments apart—while many of them boast of waves and scenic beaches, not every property can claim to be located at the pinnacle of business and leisure.


Aruga Resort and Residences’ location in Mactan is one of a kind, providing guests unparalleled access to refined beachfront living and the paradise experience as it sits on one of the world’s most renowned sailing and snorkeling destinations. Meanwhile, its proximity to the Cebu International Airport and Cebu City’s prime business centers ensures utmost convenience and a smooth transition from business to the beach. Aruga Resort and Residences – Mactan’s strategic location, premier amenities, and proximity to business districts makes this property a prime choice for investment.


As the workforce adapts to the work-from-home scheme, it’s time to invest in a property that lets you live life in balance. Live an unparalleled standard of beachfront living at the Aruga Resort and Residences – Mactan, Rockwell’s first residential-resort development that indulges the exclusive seaside charms of Mactan, while keeping residents close to Cebu’s city conveniences.


With world-class yoga and gym studios, spacious open grounds, well-designed lounges, pools, and a private beach, Aruga Resort and Residences – Mactan lets you live the signature Rockwell lifestyle with the sandy Cebu shores at your leisure.


Enjoy the sunset and take a dip in Mactan’s pristine waters after an entire workday. Call Aruga Resort and Residences at Mactan and turn your island home dream into a reality.