Developer goes full throttle

Developer goes full throttle

Rockwell Land’s aggressive expansion is happening at a most opportune time.

While the upscale developer has remained, for the most part of its 23 years, largely cautious in its development plans, it can now boldly lay claim to a well earned right to bring its signature lifestyle and spaces to areas where they are sought by the country’s most affluent.

This is why Rockwell Land is now on the move. And its expansion has gone full throttle.

Replicating its success

After creating modern, exceptional and sustainable communities well beyond their time, Rockwell Land is going out of its comfort zone to replicate its highly successful Rockwell Center in Makati City not only in other cities in the metro, but in other regions as well.

“We’ve expanded geographically through the years with our different business units namely residential, commercial, retail and hotel and leisure. From creating our first masterplanned community in Rockwell Center, Makati City, we’ve gone further to bring the Rockwell lifestyle to other parts of the metro: Pasig, Quezon City, San Juan, (as well as in) Cebu and even in the province of Batangas,” explained Tracey Castillo, assistant vice president for marketing at Rockwell Land.

Apart from its signature living spaces, Rockwell also provided commercial spaces for the working community, and brought its unparalleled homegrown service by entering the hotel and leisure industry through Aruga by Rockwell.

And, through its wholly owned subsidiaries Rockwell Primaries and Stonewell, the company has likewise given more Filipinos the opportunity to experience the famed Rockwell lifestyle, which made its developments the most sought, most enviable addresses to date.

From a former site of a decommissioned power plant, Rockwell Center in Makati is now one of the most premium developments in the country.

Right timing

Castillo believes that the timing is just right and that the company is well poised to take on its current expansion.

“We feel that the Philippines as a country is booming and that the increase in wealth is happening everywhere. The growth of areas in urbanized cities and (the rise of) next wave cities outside of Metro Manila provide us with an opportunity to explore new markets and products for Rockwell,” Castillo explained.

“With Rockwell on the move, expect to see Rockwell introducing new products and entering new markets in the coming years. There are some projects that we are currently working on in the north and south of Metro Manila but we cannot disclose the details at this time. We are also bullish on tourism as a growth driver and Cebu in particular with the expansion of the Mactan airport,” she added.

Cebu, in particular, was a choice location for Rockwell.

According to Castillo, it was a natural move for the company to make its first regional development in Cebu as the Queen City of the South has long been in the radar of many foreign tourists and investors, and even the locals, given its booming economy, exciting infrastructure plans, rapidly developing cityscape and natural wonders.

“The promising growth of the bustling city is definitely an opportunity for Rockwell to grow with, as well as to allow Cebuanos to experience the Rockwell lifestyle,” she added.

Castillo was quick to note that as the company expands its reach outside Makati City, it also strives to develop new products that can specifically cater to a market’s demands and gaps, knowing all too well that each area is unique.

Cebuano flair

In the case of its expansion in Cebu for instance, Rockwell ensured that its first foray in the Queen City of the South will have the Cebuano touch and flair.

It is thus not surprising to hear of the Cebuanos’ warm reception of 32 Sanson by Rockwell, a development set amid a sprawling 3.2-hectare lot that is now touted as Cebu’s most exclusive garden community.

“The city is full of culture and a hub for artisan design, and we wanted to incorporate that into our property along with the signature Rockwell lifestyle,” Castillo noted.

“Working with local firm Gallego Architects, we made sure to give a Cebuano touch to this development adding to its rustic charm. Our shared value for space is exactly one of the things most appreciated by the market—a 70 percent-to-30 percent landscape to building ratio, with open spaces dedicated to amenities and lush landscapes; low to mid rise buildings at five to eight floors making for a low density community; and above average ceiling heights standing at 3 m tall,” she said.

Castillo even related that upon completion of the first two towers, the reception was “heartwarming with appreciation for the little details found in the finishes of units, service of the property management, and how they all come together to evoke an overall tastefully relaxed resort ambiance.”

A first for Rockwell

The overarching success of 32 Sanson may be a tough act to follow, but Rockwell is just getting started. This time, it is bringing its distinct mark of prestige, prominence and respect to Mactan, a prime tourist destination revered globally.

“Cebu remains known for its beautiful resorts and growing tourism. Being one of the major tourist islands of Cebu, Mactan boasts of some of the best diving, island hopping, sailing and cultural activities of any island in the country. Rockwell will be adding more to Mactan with our newest development this year—a first product type for us,” Castillo disclosed.

“Entering into a new product offering and new market, this will hopefully help maintain our footprint as the preferred developer for premium living spaces, and in an alternate major metropolis with booming tourism no less,” she added.

The Rockwell official declined to provide more details, but there is no doubt that another masterpiece is on its way.

“Rockwell will continue to provide that premium lifestyle to the discerning few through our new projects like in Mactan and give them new services and experiences through the unique products that we will create,” Castillo concluded.

By: Amy R. Remo – Reporter / @amyremoINQ
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