Here’s Why A Beachfront Home Is Always A Good Idea

Here’s Why A Beachfront Home Is Always A Good Idea

By Ryanne Co

Is there anything more tempting than heading to the beach right now? Aruga Resorts and Residences – Mactan proves that a seaside sojourn needn’t be temporary as their beachfront makes for a great home and living

It’s been a full, straight year of city-living for a significant portion of metropolis residents. For those who are tired of the concrete jungle, nothing is as satisfying as a foray into nature—and especially to the beach, where world-class sun and sand have made our country a tropical paradise in its own right. But with working from home and readily available Internet service, could your planned beach trip turn into something more?Research has shown that going to the beach can have many great benefits. For many of us, it’s obvious that a trip to the famous Cebu coastlines is a great stress-reliever. But more than that, the seaside is also surprisingly wonderful in helping us (not just feel but) look better too.


Serene views from your beachside home
Serene views from your beachside home


There’s plenty of fresh air, which is great for our lungs, and the wonderful sunshine is the perfect source of Vitamin D on early morning walks. Seawater is said to be full of wonderful anti-aging minerals and studies have shown that some minerals in the ocean may help with arthritis. Sand is also a natural exfoliant that makes skin silky smooth. With all these benefits—wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up every day next to the beach?Owning a beachfront property can be a great advantage. For one, it could serve as a handy getaway for when you’re feeling stressed in the city. It could also be a wonderful investment opportunity for those looking at property or real estate. As soon as tourism picks up, as it surely will in the future, a beachfront property will become a hot ticket for hungry tourists itching to get away from it all. And what better place to own a beachfront property than in Cebu, one of the Philippines’ most famed islands?

Master's Bedroom
Master’s Bedroom


Located at a popular sailing and snorkelling hotspot, Aruga Resort and Residences – Mactan supports an exciting lifestyle that also brings you the joys of beachside living. 270 metres of the Punta Engaño beachfront are exclusive to the property, as well as a luxurious swimming pool, and manicured gardens. A wealth of amenities are also available to cater to differing needs, including a children’s play area, function rooms, and a fitness gym, while its convenient locale allows for easy access to the city center and the Mactan-Cebu International Airport.At Aruga Mactan, residential units offer the ideal space for one to enjoy their tropical abode. These boast of spacious living areas that extend to its balconies—perfect for a family setting, or a vacation with friends. Floor-to-ceiling windows also offer stunning views of the property’s beachfront or of Magellan Bay for a picturesque sunset. With only a few units to a floor, Aruga Mactan offers peaceful living in a neighbourhood that prioritises spacious wellness, privacy, and tranquility.


Enjoy this signature Rockwell community made brighter amidst sunny shores. Escape the chaotic hustle and bustle of your city and live the best of the luxurious nomadic lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of at Aruga Resort and Residences – Mactan.


For more information, contact 0917 599 ROCK (7625) or email You may also visit the Aruga Mactan website here


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