How to choose a location for your next vacation home

How to choose a location for your next vacation home

More and more city dwellers are considering buying a vacation home as they become keen on creating a home outside Metro Manila that affords them a better work-life balance as hybrid schemes become the new normal. Children can grow up in a healthier and greener environment, surrounded by lush and serene surroundings and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Those looking to buy a vacation home are also keen on where they should purchase one. Aside from providing them and their families a second base outside the city, it makes sense to pay attention to where a vacation home is located. Aside from pristine surroundings that let you enjoy your own private slice of paradise, buying a vacation home can be a strategic investment as it provides another stream of income through short-term rental stays.


As WFH schemes continue to be the norm, short-term rentals are in huge demand. People crave a respite from the usual four corners of their households, booking “staycations” and “workcations” at scenic properties where they can focus on work before ending the day with a seaside dip or a stroll under the coastal sunset.


That said, while seaside vacation homes are spread out across the country, not all locations are equal — and it’s worth scrutinizing which areas are worth your potential investment. Here’s how to choose where to buy your next vacation home, and all the factors in choosing your vacation home’s ideal location.


Assess the location and its accessibility.
Make sure that you assess the viability of the location and its accessibility — are there opportunities for tourism? Check out whether there are major modes of transportation close by such as an airport or major roads. Having other conveniences around such as a hospital, banks, and supermarkets also factor in the value and desirability of the property.


As the Queen City of the South, Cebu is booming as a major hub — aside from a vibrant economy, its strides in infrastructure, tech, and even in design make Cebu a thriving place to live and conduct business in. With the Mactan International Airport, as well as major highways such as the Cebu Cordova Link Expressway, the longest bridge in the country, the city is connected to other provinces as well as other major commercial hubs across the country.


Look at its investment potential.
Real estate assets are always viewed as secure — aside from providing your family with a steady investment that they can rely on in the future, it gives them another home in a secure neighborhood with great potential for rate appreciation. Thriving industrial and economic zones, a bustling tech sector, and a vibrant commercial and lifestyle scene makes Cebu City a prime area, and opportunities are rife for investment.


One other motivating factor that investors look for in a prospective vacation home is the opportunity and feasibility to build or expand their business. With its close proximity to the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, a bustling central business district, as well as a thriving tourism sector, Aruga Resort and Residences is situated in a prime area that is rife with multiple possibilities.


Another aspect worth looking forward to is a dedicated property management team. Aruga Resorts and Residences – Mactan also houses its own sales and secondary team that will take care of your investments — no matter where you are.


Check the developer’s reputation.

With the demand for recreational properties outside Metro Manila on the rise, people are on the lookout for residential resort units as worthwhile investments. A property by a reputable developer assures its quality and the potential to increase in its current and future value. Inspect the developer’s track record, and its past projects — are there any signature features of these communities that make an impression? Developers that are a cut above the rest do not just think about offering spaces; they offer experiences, enhanced by proper planning of living and working areas as well as proper amenities.


A reputable developer such as Rockwell Land ensures the security of your investment, and helps you expect the same signature lifestyle that Rockwell communities are known for.


Rockwell’s first foray into residential resort development sets the bar high with Aruga Resort and Residences – Mactan— a one-of-a-kind property with its unparalleled beach experience combined with its utmost conveniences, as it is near the airport and Cebu City’s prime business centers. Guests can enjoy private and full access to luxurious beachfront living, while staying close to its renowned sailing and snorkeling destinations. 


With paradisiacal sea views and exclusive villas along an exclusive 270-meter beachfront, Aruga Resort and Residences – Mactan by Rockwell is redefining residential resort living in Mactan, Cebu, nestled in one of the country’s most renowned destinations. Learn more about purchasing your vacation home in Rockwell in Cebu at