Investing in a Leisure Property: As a Vacation Home or as a Rental Property?

Investing in a Leisure Property: As a Vacation Home or as a Rental Property?

With the pandemic introducing prolonged at-home stays and work-from-home schemes, leisure properties are becoming an increasingly attractive investment to make — not only do these recreational real estate lots provide a respite from the city’s hustle and bustle, but their strategic location also makes it conducive for people to feel as though they are on a real holiday.


Sometimes, converting a spare room into a home office isn’t enough. With a longer-term WFH arrangement, changing your scenery and pace of life can be beneficial to your mental well-being. If you lead a fast-paced lifestyle, you may likely relish the idea of having the beach within reach, even right after a string of meetings. With flexibility and a remote scheme, you will have the ability to control your schedule and lifestyle with ease if you have a leisure property.


If you’re set on finding a leisure property, a question remains: do you invest in one as a vacation home or as a rental property? Read on and decide which investment strategy works best for you.


As a vacation home


It helps you fully embrace a remote working lifestyle

Turning a guest room into an office or setting up a new desk does the job and helps you carve out a space for a WFH setup. But to permanently and fully embrace the WFH arrangement, it will take more than simply making room around what is currently present — your property must be able to help seamlessly integrate work and play, such as doing a few hours of uninterrupted work before heading down to the beach.


Emerging workplace trends and preferences will also likely shape new company cultures as we move forward. A 2021 study by Ernst & Young on the reimagined workplace shows that most workers in Southeast Asia preferred not to return to pre-pandemic ways of working, which would likely entail a return to the office. Thirty-two percent said that they preferred to work anywhere, while 6 in 10 people said that they would quit their jobs if companies didn’t provide flexible arrangements.


A home that can strike a balance between being conducive for work while serving as an escape makes a leisure investment as a vacation home an even more alluring option.


It allows you to indulge in beachfront living

Many households from Metro Manila have seen value in moving out of the city amid the pandemic, with resort-like homes such as a beachfront property increasing in popularity — after all, if one were to stay confined at home, they would rather do so with the beach as their front yard. Yet if completely leaving the comforts of the city for the beach feels daunting, Aruga Resort and Residences – Mactan lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. With its proximity to the Mactan International Airport, you can indulge in the paradisiacal pleasures of a leisure property, with the comforts of the city nearby. Unit owners can enjoy unparalleled resort life while maintaining urban conveniences with its world-class amenities.


As a rental property


As new working preferences emerge, there is a demand for city dwellers to book properties outside of Manila that can not only accommodate a full home office setup but can provide an unmatched vacation-like experience.


With its proximity to the Mactan International Airport and the city, Aruga Resort and Residences is one of a kind — its unique location gives residents private and full access to luxurious beachfront living with a 270-meter shoreline, while staying close to its renowned sailing and snorkeling destinations. 


Residents continue to re-evaluate their lifestyles as the new normal unfolds. Luxury vacation homes and residential resort developments continue to be in demand, as it allows people a respite from their everyday lives, while maintaining utmost privacy, safety, and security for their family.


As pandemic restrictions loosen, people are becoming more confident yet strategic in how they travel, and how they can indulge in comforts outside their home while remaining safe, such as opting for rental properties for long-term stays by the beach. 


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