Island Life: How To Invest in A Beachfront Home

Island Life: How To Invest in A Beachfront Home

Beachfront properties are definitely among some of the most coveted types of luxury real estate that you can invest in. In fact, property listings website, Lamudi Philippines says that beachfront properties are 63% higher in value compared to landlocked properties. This is according to market intelligence by real estate consultancy, Knight Frank

Remarkable views and the opportunity to earn rental income are some factors that contribute to the premium price commanded by beachfront properties. When the property is located in established locations such as Boracay, Palawan, and Cebu, the value–and its potential for appreciation–goes higher.

That said, owning a piece of paradise is a rewarding investment worth considering. You may be asking: How do I invest in a beachfront home? What must I consider? Where should I purchase property?

 Below, we share tips for buyers looking to own a beachfront home, including questions to ask before you begin the purchase process.

Why invest in a beachfront home?

The first question to ask yourself is your purpose for acquiring a beachfront property. As with any other type of real estate investment, purchasing property diversifies your portfolio of assets. Over time, your return on investment will be dictated by the current market value of rental income. 

Should you choose to use the home as a vacation getaway, you can still earn passive income during other months of the year. As tourism begins to re-open amid the global pandemic, this is certainly something to look forward to. After all, a natural inclination to travel and explore will not go away, so securing property today remains a smart decision. 

What kind of beachfront home do I want?

How does one find the ideal beachfront home? As with other real estate types, beachfront  properties also cover the entire spectrum of choices: from parcels of land to single-detached homes, as well as condominium units. Considering the natural elements that these  homes are exposed to, the quality and sturdiness of a property is of prime consideration. 

If you are a family looking for a more private home to visit on weekends, a private villa with its own deck and pool is a great option. This allows you to relax within your home while having the benefit of a beachfront view. 

You could of course opt for a condominium unit if you wish to have a view from a higher vantage point. Condos give you flexibility in terms of size with three-bedroom units fit for families, and smaller cuts for couples or individuals who would like to opt for a one or two-bedroom unit. 

If you are considering a unit purely for investment, feel free to choose a unit type that not only appeals to you, but fits your allotted budget. You may even look into the option of purchasing several smaller units as an example. This translates to more sources for rental income. Take note that when buying a condominium unit, selling prices may be affected by the view (land or sea) as well as the floor the property is located in (low floor or penthouse unit).

What amenities and features do you crave?

Topnotch amenities attract buyers. From the requisite pool area and indoor gym to function rooms and play areas, property amenities allow you to engage in more activities that will make life at your beachfront home more leisurely.

However, if you are using the property as a vacation or weekend home, it pays to raise your benchmark for amenities. After all, when you are on holiday, you will want to maximize your stay with top notch facilities for optimal rest and relaxation. More so in a property located by the beach.

Think, spacious lounge areas, infinity pools, an on-site restaurant, and of course, the stretch of  beach itself. 

What are your property management and maintenance considerations?

While beachfront properties have higher values than their landlocked counterparts, the level of upkeep and maintenance are also both more intensive. Flood insurance for example is one expense to consider. 

And as with all other properties, beachfront real estate comes with the requisite maintenance costs that accompany natural wear-and-tear over time.

For example, you would have to monitor for any damage caused by ocean air on the exteriors of the property, especially in a standalone house, as well as any damage on furniture. For that reason, choosing furniture for your beachfront home must be given careful thought. Sturdy materials like resin, stainless steel, and teak are a few examples. So are choosing  fade-proof and water-proof fabrics and decorative pieces, especially if you will use these in outdoor areas like a balcony or patio. It is also a big plus if your property is done in premium finishes that will stay resilient over time. 

Choosing a property by a well-reputed developer also ensures that the structure is of quality build. When inquiring with a sales representative, ask about unit finishes as well as the consultants, engineers, and architectural teams involved in the construction of the project.

And because reputable developers pay special attention to detail, the community will benefit from the thorough maintenance of common areas and amenities for years to come.

If you plan to rent out your unit, you may need to consider the cost of housekeeping. If you need to travel far to get to the property, you might have to consider having a caretaker on retainer to keep the unit clean.

For this reason, it’s worth considering developers that offer property management services for your convenience. This may include everything from unit maintenance to connecting you to leasing services that can help you with the logistics of marketing and renting out your unit. 

Whatever you want in a beachfront property, you deserve a rewarding investment that will give you the best of beachfront living.

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