The Best Home Furniture For Beachfront Abodes

The Best Home Furniture For Beachfront Abodes

You’ve secured a picturesque home next to the beach. Now it’s time to fill your space with pieces that will complete the seaside living experience. Before you begin curating items for your home, lay out a plan to bring your design vision to life. Moreover, be mindful of the special requirements of putting together a space that can withstand the elements. Homes next to the beach are exposed to an abundance of sunlight as well as salty ocean air. That means the best home furniture for a beachfront home must be crafted from sturdier materials that will last for years–or even decades. Whether you choose to adorn your space in a nautical theme or modern interior design motifs, this guide shows you how to optimize your home for life at the beach.

Choose the best home furniture that can withstand seaside elements

It is especially vital to choose hardy furniture for areas of your home that will get the most exposure. This includes the balcony, front porch, or even furniture located closest to your windows. For furniture that are permanently located outside, choose weatherproof materials. This includes aluminum, stainless steel, resin, acrylic, and teak. If you wish to include metal furniture, make sure that it is treated with a protectant to prevent rust, which is a common result of salty air.

Soften the look of your outdoor vignettes by including weatherproof home accessories, such as those that are designed to be fade-proof, water-resistant, or made from an acetate-based fabric. Lastly, greenery will impart a fresh, organic look to your balcony or patio, whilst complementing the cool, blue palette of a beachfront environment. 

The result will be an inviting outdoor space that will encourage you to rest and recharge!

Incorporate coastal style into your interiors

When you live next to the beach, it makes sense to turn your interiors into a natural extension of the outdoors. Incorporating natural textures into your space can certainly work well even with modern interior design. Think of your space as a canvas. If the foundation features walls, ceilings, and floors with clean and modern lines, complement this with furniture in natural materials. Think rattan chairs and bed frames, natural oak shelves, and wicker dining sets. 

As a complement to these pieces, feel free to include modern items. Ensure harmony by visualizing the overall look of your space, and combining pieces with common colors, shapes, and patterns. For example, you can pair a matte black dining table with rattan dining chairs and an overhead lamp that matches the color of your seats. Another idea is to complement a contemporary sofa set with an oversized wicker ottoman that can double as a coffee table for displaying books or decorative accoutrements. 

When it comes to children’s bedrooms, playrooms, and nurseries, you can have a little fun with the nautical theme by adding playful elements. Think boat, lighthouse, and beach-themed linens, tchotchkes, framed art, and even decorative toys. However, make sure not to go overboard. Fill a space with too many themed items and the results could end up looking garish. Here’s a tip: if the room seems overwhelmed by too many elements, try removing a few items until you achieve a decorative balance.

Take color inspiration from the sea

Color is another great way to emphasize the coastal look of your home. Begin by creating a color board that includes your base neutrals, colors, as well as accent colors. For your neutrals, consider cream, eggshell, wheat, and other beiges that mimic the color of sand; darker neutrals such as stone charcoal; or even a pale yellow, which would pair nicely with blue.

For your seaside colors, choose a light teal or powdery blue. Or go deeper with a rich emerald green or even azure.

Lastly, play around interesting pops of color. For example, a light blue can be paired with an energetic red or a rusty orange. Need more inspiration? Scour the internet for beachside images that you love, then experiment with interesting color combinations from there.

Spruce up your interiors and balcony with functional décor

The best home furniture and accessories for a beachside home may also include items that serve multiple functions. That means they are both decorative and functional. This is especially true in smaller spaces such as open plan or one-bedroom condominium units. A sizable sofa bed can serve as seating during the day, and then sleeping space by night. Hammocks and suspended chairs, which work both indoors or at your balcony, provide both visual interest as well as a nook for relaxation. 

If you are using your beachfront home as a vacation destination, fill it with recreational items that will keep you engaged whilst doubling as décor. Think chess or backgammon sets in plush materials such as glass or metal. 

Living by the beach brings with it the many benefits of relaxed, seaside living, from an exhilarating view to fresh island air. Turn your abode into a space to call your own by personalizing it with well-thought design ideas and curated items that all align with your style and personality.

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