Why Cebu is the Best Place to Live Near the Beach

Why Cebu is the Best Place to Live Near the Beach

Thinking of moving near the sea? Here’s why Cebu is the best pick for seaside living.


Since the pandemic, Metro Manila dwellers have inquired about properties outside Metro Manila.  With the number of vaccinated individuals increasing, the country is getting ready to rise on its feet. This also comes with a change in living preferences; the rising desire for more holistic lifestyles and a stronger work-life balance have made buyers look into moving out of Metro Manila and setting up a more permanent second base, such as living near the beach.


As people begin to emerge from their homes and return to some pre-pandemic outdoor habits, the allure of staying by the beach or within nature for longer than just a weekend getaway has become more enticing.


While the Philippines has no shortage of beautiful islands and pristine beaches around the country, this opens up possibilities for places such as Cebu –– a charming, unique, and vibrant locale that seamlessly blends the best of urban and natural attractions, and keeps premier city conveniences within arm’s reach.


Thinking of moving near sandy shores? Learn more about why Cebu is the best place to move to if you want to live near the beach.


City living conveniences

While many dream of living in a nature-filled countryside, maintaining proximity to urban conveniences are of utmost importance to truly live a stress-free and worry-free lifestyle.


Although the simple, provincial life can sound appealing to residents looking for a change of pace from Manila’s hustle and bustle, staying close to utilities and necessary establishments such as banks, hospitals, groceries helps you live out a more permanent arrangement as you can attend to the day’s affairs as needed, instead of feeling like you’re on a prolonged staycation.


Cebu is becoming top of mind for those looking to venture out of Metro Manila, for its ability to balance urban development with the serenity of nature and unhurried lifestyle. Aruga Resort and Residences – Mactan, Rockwell’s first residential resort development, offers residents the opportunity to live out one’s island dreams with utmost serenity and luxury —while being a stone’s throw away from the city center. Although Mactan itself is dotted with beautiful hotels and tourist attractions, Aruga Mactan is close to the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, allowing you to shuttle back and forth to Manila hassle-free.


Opportunities for business and growth

The Queen City of the South’s bustling economic activity provides more opportunities for prospective residents to establish or expand their current businesses — adding more incentive for these people to consider establishing their second base in Cebu.


A city or town that can offer unique charms and warmth in its culture and community alongside several business centers and an affluent populace is an attractive option to relocate or establish a second home.


A vibrant food and entertainment culture

Cebu’s vibrant heritage, as well as a lively food and entertainment culture, has made it one of the most popular and beloved spots in the Philippines for locals and tourists alike. From countless talented musical acts, a lively design scene, as well as a local cuisine that includes the likes of the iconic Cebu lechon, the island will always have something to offer to keep your senses satisfied.


In case you would want to take in spectacular sights and flavors at the same time, Aruga Resort and Residences offers some of the best flavors on the island at the Specialty Restaurant, amid a relaxing ambiance and a wonderful view.


Several seaside activities and attractions

The island of Cebu has its fair share of beautiful beaches, all with their own array of activities and attractions. From whale watching and island hopping to snorkeling, scuba diving, and kite surfing, you will never run out of things to do while you’re on leisure mode.


If you desire some privacy, Aruga Mactan’s flawless 270-meter shoreline lets you enjoy island life with peace and exclusivity. With its residential tower that ranges from one-bedroom to four-bedroom units, as well as a select cluster of sweeping tropical villas, Aruga Resort and Residences-Mactan is truly redefining residential resort living. 

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